Monday, June 25, 2012

Before I Go

Before I Go

Before I grow too frail and weak,
And all that’s left is peace in sleep

I know you’ll do what must be done
To end this fight that can’t be won.

I don’t fear death as humans do,
So let me try to comfort you.

Come, let’s take a quiet stroll
And share some quietness, soul to soul

No need for words ‘tween you and I,
No need to say a last Good-bye.

We’ve grown so close in mind and heart,
It seems so cruel that we must part.

Be sure I’ll sense the pain you’ll feel,
Without me walking at our heel.

The days will seem full of despair,
Your “Sunshine” simply won’t be there.

In time the pain will slowly wane,
You’ll think of me and smile again.

Now take me where my needs they’ll tend
And stay with me until the end.

Hold me close with soft Good-byes
Until life’s bright light has left my eyes.

The final sound I need to hear
Is your soft voice upon my ear.

Your loving face will fade and dim
As the rush of heaven closes in.

And when you start your journey home,
I’ll be right behind, you are not alone.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Couple Bad Days

Montana....I have been missing you like crazy!  I have been crying on and off for days now.  Why all of a sudden do I feel this way?  I wish I knew.  My sleep is so screwed up so I think that has a lot to do with it.  I miss your presence.  I miss hearing you breathe and the jingle of your collar as you would get up and switch places during the night.  I miss you barking at me during the night to be let out.  I miss you barking at me to get up in the morning even though when I would get up you would go lay down and go back to sleep.  I miss everything about you.  I remember you would be ready to go to bed and would stand in the hall barking and wanting me to go to bed with you.  I also remember you going into the bedroom and barking until I would come lay down on the bed with you or just sit next to you on the bed.  Your bark was my command... lol.  I also remember having to walk you before bed so you would go to the bathroom.  Sometimes in the middle of the night I would have to take you for a short walk because so you would go to the bathroom.  You had me trained well.  No one could ever say you weren't spoiled.  Or well taken care of.  I can't wait until we are together again.  I will wrap my arms around your big neck and tell you that I missed you and that I love you.  I will ALWAYS love you and miss you, Montana!

Friday, June 8, 2012

All Pets Go To Heaven


All Pets Go To Heaven 


Can you imagine a heaven without pets?

There is a very special place where beloved pets go after they die. This is only a temporary location. But there are trees and grass and lakes, and everything they love. Here they can play and eat and sleep, even better than they did, before they died. Now, there are no aches or worries or dangers of any kind to trouble or threaten them. The only joy missing is their beloved human companion, you.
All health is restored completely, and all injuries are healed. Dogs and cats play with each other like youngsters, and they do not have time to feel lonely for you. They miss you, and with the special wisdom that animals have, they trust that this condition will get better. And they confidently wait as they frolic.

A wonderful day will come for each of them, when in the middle of playing they will suddenly feel something is different. And all their senses will be at the height of excitement and exuberance. They will sniff the air and look off in the distance where they recognize that dearly loved special presence. Then they will call out in elation, and with eyes shining and tail going wild, tear off at a full gallop, almost flying over the green grass.

Your expected arrival has been sensed, and now there is nothing that can keep the two of you apart, ever again. As you run toward each other the tears flow from your eyes. Your pet leaps into your arms, and you cling together in jubilant reunion. The joyous kisses are all over your face, and you kiss back, just as ecstatically. Your hands so lovingly caress once more the beloved fur, the head and neck and body you knew so well. And you look into each other’s loving eyes, and all those old, wonderful shared feelings are back, again.

And then something will call the both of you on, to a different field of warmth and nurture, where all the love you knew now comes to fruition. With your pet, you leave that special waiting area, walk into the main part of heaven, and begin a new existence there, together.

If you accept that pets can love us as much as we do them, then the logic is clear and cannot be denied. If you believe that there is a heaven for people, then they must be there, waiting for us, when we cross over. Heaven is love, and pets always share that with us.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

9 months

Hi there sweet boy!  Today marks the 9 mos anniversary of your death.  I miss you so much my baby boy!  The days seem to drag but then again time has flown by.  I was still awake at 4:00am and thought about how I was helping you to the Bridge at that time 9 months ago.  I still cry every day for you.  There have been a  few days that I made it without crying.  I was very surprised.  You are on my mind 24/7.  Yesterday I happened to look up the 2005 calender online because I wanted to see what the date was for Labor Day that year.  That is the day you came to live with us.  It happened to be Sept. 5th, 2005.  You passed away on Sept. 5th, 2011, Labor Day.  How weird is that?  I wish I could hold you and hug you.  I want to feel your soft fur under my hands.  I even miss your bark.  I thought I heard you whining last night.  Were you here?  Do you come here to comfort me?  I hope you do.  I have to be honest though.  I don't feel you here.  I want to so much.  I look at your urn and can't imagine you being in there.  I know it is just your ashes and you really aren't there.  You are all around me.  Every where I look I see you here.  Your toys....your stuffed lion.  I still imagine you laying on the floor by my feet.  I miss you so much!  I will NEVER stop missing you!