Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hi Baby Boy

Hi my sweet boy!  I thought of you today.  Like always.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you.  I know you are happy and healthy and running free with all the sweet dogs that went before you and after.  I am sure Bailey is still missing you.  She looks from room to room still.  I think she is looking for you.  We are both grieving.  She isn't eating again.  I worry about her.  I can't believe on March 5th you will have been gone for 6 mos.  It just seems like yesterday I was rubbing your sweet face as I was helping you to The Bridge.  My sweet sweet boy.  How I grieve for you.  They say time heals all wounds.  I don't think that is really true.  My heart aches to touch you again.  To hug you and to put my face in your fur.  I long to see your sweet smile again.  I can't wait to see you run to me when I join you.  I can't wait to be with you again.

This is a short post.  I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you....always.  I love you Montana boy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Only One Video

The one and only video that I have of both Montana and Bailey together.  This was taken at the Dog Park in Michigan on January 12, 2007.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Montana's Final Bill

Montana, I have been thinking a lot about you.  Well....I think about you every day but it seems like most of my day is consumed with my thought of you.  After 5 1/5 mos I finally had the nerve to look at the bill from the emergency vet.  It spelled out everything.  More then I really wanted to see.  Of course I sobbed when I read it. This is what it said:


Beth Winchell


Name:  Montana                                 Species:         Canine
Sex:     Male, Neutered                       Breed:           Siberian Husky
Deceased:   09-05-11                         Age:              D@9y
ID                                                       Rabies
Color:   Black and White                   Weight           102.20lbs
Reminded:  (none)                             Codes:           D


Date              By              Code            Description               Qty (Variance)

09-05-11      JH             001         Emergency Exam Fee

    Age:  9y     Weight:  102.20   Temp:  106.00     Pulse  180.00
    Other:  mm - pale pink


Surgery to amputate tail last Wednesday.  Has not eaten since.  Was on Deramaxx and Tramadol.  Vomiting dark brown fluid.  Tonight panting, weak, lethargic.  Dr. Harper on duty.


mm- pale pink, pulses thready.  Chest - tachycardia, heart muffled.  Abd - distended.  Laterally recumbant, panting, very weak.  Febrile.


               RULE - OUTS
               Gastroduodenal Ulcer Disease                  

              Sepsis and Bacteremia
              Septic Shock
              Acute Abdomen



                 I-Stat EC8+- See report; metabolic acidosis
                 Oxygen 5LPM via mask
                 IV placed, bolus 2L Norm-R, 300ml Hetastarch IV; pulses improved,                                   HR decreased
                 U/S FAST - large amount of free fluid in abdomen - 1L of brown pus
                 removed via abdominocentesis          
                 Cell counts - WBC 78K, TS - 3.8; cytology degenerate neutrophils and
                 pleomorphic bacteria.  BG of fluid 45,  Diagnosis - septic abdomen
                 (perforating ulcer?), septic shock
                Discussed poor prognosis with owner, the need for immediate
                and the risks associated.
                Owner requested euthanasia
                Euthasol 15mg IV

                          1005             Informed Consent
                          HETA          Hetastarch (HES) 6%                 300
                          NORMR      Normosol -R 1000ml
                          611              IV Extension Set
                          601              IV Catheter & 1st Bag Fluids
                          EFFUSION Automated Cell Counts - Effusions
                          GLUCOME Blood Glucose - Glucometer
                          420              I-Stat EC8+
                          USFAST     Ultrasound F.A.S.T. Exam
                          117             Abdominocentesis
                          OXY5         Oxygen per minute @ 5 lpm          15
                          ACUTEAB Acute Abdomen
                          D1016         Septic Shock
                          D6058         Sepsis and Bacteremia
                          1112           Euthanasia
                          EUTH         Euthasol 390mg/ml                       15
                          1110           Ashes Returned:  100-140# 

FOR:  Beth Winchell                                             Printed:  09-05-11 at 4:25am
                                                                                Date:      09-05-11
                                                                                Account: 34720
                                                                                Invoice:  62944

Date              For                  Qty      Description                              Net Price

09-05-11      Montana              1   Emergency Exam Fee                        82.00
09-09-11                                  1  Informed Consent                                0.00
09-05-11                              300  Hetastarch (HES) 6%                        69.00
09-05-11                                  1  Normosol-R 1000ml                         38.00
09-05-11                                  1  IV ExtensionSet                                 16.00
09-05-11                                  1  IV Catheter & 1st Bag Fluids             86.00
09-05-11                                  1  Automated Cell Counts - Effusions    50.50 
09-05-11                                  1  Blood Glucose - Glucometer             12.50
09-05-11                                  1  I-Stat EC8+                                        53.55
09-05-11                                  1 Ultrasound F.A.S.T. Exam                  92.00
09-05-11                                  1  Abdominocentisis                              60.00
09-05-11                                 15 Oxygen per minute @5 lpm                 2.25
09-05-11                                  1  Euthanasia                                          55.00
                        We are truly very sorry for your loss

09-05-11                                15  Euthasol 390mg/ml                            20.40
09-05-11                                 1  Ashes Returned 100-140#                 250.00

09-05-11                                Care Credit                                           -887.20

Old Balance           Charges        Payments                             New balance
        0.00                   887.20           887.20                                           0.00

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Montana and Dakota

My sweet boy, Montana, had just had is tail operated on in May 2009 and this was July 2009.  His hair was still growing back in this video.  Montana very rarely would howl or woo.  This video shows one of those rare moments.

I miss you baby boy!