Monday, December 24, 2012



T'was the night before Christmas, at Rainbow Bridge too.
We Bridge kids were thinking as always of you.
We'd seen how the holidays weren't bright this year,
Heard you whisper so often, "I wish you were here!"

We know how you wish you could just stay in bed
And sleep through the holiday lying ahead,
When all celebrate with their loved ones so near...
Unless they have loved ones on this side this year.

But we're no less alive here, on the other side.
If you could just see us, you would've laughed and not cried.
The dogs all in harness, pulling the sleigh.
The cats all in Santa hats pointing the way.

The pet birds all flying back over the rainbow,
Bound homeward in spite of Earth's darkness and snow.
All the pets that you've lost, pets for whom you've cried,
Flying home on this Christmas to be by your side.

If you feel warm fur brush you when no pet's around,
Hear a soft bark or purr, just a ghost of a sound,
We're trying to tell you we're visiting this way,
And our visits, even rainbows, can be on any day.

But for Christmas we have something special to do,
A sleigh full of happy dream visits for you.
On doggy, on kitty, on winged friend and ferret!
The love that you lavished, we mean now to share it!

We're fetching that love home, the way we once played,
With the closeness we shared and the memories we made.
Our Earth lives with you were too short for us, too,
And on this Christmas Eve we have so much to do.

So all through this night as you sleep in your beds,
Sweet visions of fur babies dance in your heads.
This one special night we can bring you Home for a while,
Your true home in Heaven, where again you will smile.

Over the rainbow you'll fly, for a short while this night,
Hours that you'll be happy, hours that will feel right,
Hours to cuddle and hug us, to run and to play,
Before the return to Earth in our magic way.

And when you awaken and face Christmas Day,
We pray you'll remember your trip on our sleigh,
But in case you forget, just remember our love.
Remember us watching you, your angels above.

Sending love wrapped in rainbows, shining and bright,
Love that will guide you through the darkest night,
Love found in each memory unwrapped through the year,
Replacing dark sorrows with Christmas cheer.

Leave the toys to St. Nick, we Bridge kids bring dreams,
Sweet visits to remind you all is not as it seems
When you look all around you with tired Earthly eyes.
If you saw as we do, there'd be joy and surprise.

There are fur angels waiting by those Christmas trees,
Always there for you and hearing your pleas.
We're never more than a thought away from your home,
You're never forgotten, you're never alone.

Nor are we alone here, with our Rainbow Bridge friends.
We know only joy here, the celebrating never ends,
And after our reunions with you Christmas Eve,
We Bridge kids will party like you'd never believe.

But we'll slip away often to be by your side.
Sitting there watching you, eyes open wide,
Praying you'll be able to catch a glimpse of us, too.
But whether or not you see us - Merry Christmas to you!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

15 mos and some days

Oh Montana....I miss you so much!  My heart is just so broken.  It has been 15 mos and some days since you left us.  I came across your Buster Cube tonight while I was looking for some toys for Bailey to play with.  It still had your kibble in it.  I thought Bailey might like something to play with that she hasn't seen in awhile.  Nothing seemed to interest her.  She has seemed pretty depressed lately.  I am sure she is missing your company.  I know it has been over a year but I don't think she has stopped missing you either.  I am going to Florida this year for Christmas and New Years.  I am going to have to board Bailey at the vets.  I have to do this because she is having a hard time holding her bladder lately and they will let her out more often then if I had a pet sitter come and let her out only 2 times.  I will miss her like crazy and will worry about her daily.  Please watch over her and protect her.

Bailey will be 11 in 2 days.  I wish I would have been able to have you here with me at 11.  It just wasn't long enough and it never would have been long enough.  You left me too soon, my sweet boy!  It is almost Christmas and I miss buying you Christmas stockings full of toys.  Even though you really didn't play with a lot of them it was fun to see you so excited over them.  I remember the first time you had your new Kong with peanut butter.  You loved it!  I also miss wrapping up a Busybone for the two of you and you smelling it and ripping the paper off.  It was so cute!  I wish I would have had videos of our Christmases together.  What a great thing to have.

I just can't wait until we are together again.  Every day will  be like Christmas then!  Love you baby boy!