Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Reminder Card

I received another reminder card today from the vet to remind me that Montana's yearly physical was overdue. So of course I cried. The emergency vet faxed them the day he died to tell them he passed away. They have known that since September 5, 2011. So then in November I get a card from the vet reminding me of Montana's yearly physical that was due in December. Of course I tried to ignore it, but of course I cried. Then two weeks ago I called the vet to make an appointment for Bailey to get a lump checked out. I had made my mind up that I would never take another pet to that vet office because I feel they killed Montana. I called around to try to find out the most reasonable priced vet since I lost my job in Nov. Well it turns out that Lake Forest Vet Hospital was the least expensive. They were Montana and Bailey's vet. When I called to make the appointment they asked me if I was bringing Montana or Bailey. I informed them that Montana had passed away in September. She said she would note that in their system but I still got this notice! I am debating on whether to call them again to remind him that he is gone. It just makes me so mad that they can't even get it right that he is dead and has been for over 4 mos.

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