Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buddy part 2

 On March 16, 2013 I drove to Roanoke, VA to meet a sweet old man named Buddy!  He came from a horrendous situation in Floyd, VA.  He was an owner surrender and was left at the shelter for 3 wks.  The poor boy had matted feces stuck on his rear and legs.  He actually had poop hanging from him.  It was disgusting and he smelled so bad.  I took him immediately to the vet to have them shave his rear so he could sit and lay down.  Poor Buddy was so matted and in pain.  He would pant so hard and was so restless.  Always pacing.  It took the rescue 10 days to get him into see a groomer.  A friend was going to pay for it but the rescue stepped up and said to go ahead and make an appointment for him.  He went in to the groomers/vet today and looks, smells and feels so much better.  He has been sleeping most of the day since he got home from the groomers.  I heard he had a very hard time and didn't do well.  Made me so sad to hear that.  He is a good boy.  Just has some resource guarding issues that we are working on.  I always thought I would never be able to let another dog into my heart.  I am letting Buddy in.  He is such a sweet mellow guy.  He was left outside 24/7 for most of his life.  He was severely neglected.  He is laying on a fluffy bed right now sound asleep.  I hope he always knows love from this point on.  I am not sure how long I will have him here.  They want to send him to Nashville for unnecessary surgery.  You see...his old vet said he wasn't neutered but 2 vets, 1 vet tech and 1 groomer all swear he is neutered.  The rescue wants him to have surgery because they think he is cryptorchid.  They think his testicles never descended.  I think they are so wrong.  I don't want this sweet old man having to go through surgery for that.  They would have to open him up and look for something that could be smaller than the size of a pea.  The only reason they want him in Nashville is because the woman in charge of the rescue says that their vet will only charge them $15 more dollars to do the cryptorchid surgery.  They will also need to do an ultrasound to even make sure they are there.  I have considered adopting him but being unemployed makes it very difficult especially when they want me to pay $450.  I just don't have it and I feel it is totally ridiculous for a 11 yr old dog.  Who knows how much time he has left.  I will do my best to try to come up with the money because I have already fallen in love with him.

Montana...I hope you know how much I love and miss you!  You are my love and no one will ever take your place.  Buddy reminds me so much of you!  So sweet and mellow.  He even yawns like you!  :)  I put your old collar on him today after he got back from the groomers.  It looks good on him.  I even ordered him a Boomerang tag for the collar.  He even is laying on your bed.  I thought he deserved that since he has had such a rough life.  He needs something soft to lay on since all he had was the ground to lay on for many years.  I want to spoil him like you were spoiled.  He deserves that.  I am not sure how long he has left but I want to be able to show him love and kindness.  I want to be able to give him a permanent home.  He also deserves that. 

Buddy at the shelter

Another one at the shelter

His freedom picture

 Buddy finally home

Happy boy in his crate

Happy boy on his bed

Sleepy Buddy with his bone

Smiling in his crate

So matted

Looking out the window

 After grooming..leaving the vet

Home on his bed feeling so much better

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  1. Happy husky wooooos, we are sure Montana approves,

    RA, Isis & Nanük