Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hi there sweet boy!  I have some news.  I am fostering this sweet boy named Buddy!  He came from the Floyd County Animal Shelter.  A severe neglect case.  This poor boy lived his whole life outside on a chain.  He is around 10 yrs old. and the papers say he is Collie/Shepherd mix.  Not sure about that.  Will have to see what the vet says.  He came to me full of mats matted with feces.  I had to take him immediately to the vet for them to shave his behind.  The poor boy could hardly sit down without crying out in pain.  It broke my heart!  He had been like that since before he went to the shelter and was there for 3 weeks.  No one brought him to the vet or got him shaved.  What hell he must have been in.  I am waiting to hear from the rescue to see when I can get him into the vet and shaved.  Montana...he has brought a happiness to me that I lost when you passed away.  I never thought I would feel that way again.  It isn't that I am not happy with Bailey because I am.  She is my heart.  It is just that it is good to have another dog in the house.  One that needs love and kindness.  There is a photo that is going around on Facebook called A Dog's Last Will and Testament. 

 I have read this and of course it made me cry.  I honestly believe you sent Buddy to me.  It is something you would do.  I know you don't want me to grieve for you but I do and probably will for a very longtime.  So far I have given Buddy your bowl and toys.  After grooming I will give him one of your collars and your fluffy bed.  I know you would want him to have them.  He desperately needs love and patience.  Bailey and Buddy got into a couple tiffs so far but I expect that to happen.  I am sure it will take time for everyone to adjust.  I love you, Montana.  You will always be in my heart and soul.  No one could EVER replace you!  You were one in a million!

Here are some pictures of Buddy.

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