Friday, July 5, 2013

22 mos

My sweet Montana!  Time is flying by.  Two more months and you will have been gone 2 yrs.  I can't believe it.  Even though I don't cry every day, I still cry a lot for you.  I miss you so much!  You were my heart dog and there will never be another dog like you!  Buddy is settling in just fine.  He is a good boy.  The only problem we have is the resource guarding.  He and Bailey got into it because Bailey walked by his food bowl and he went after her.  Stupid me I tried to pull Bailey out of the fight by her collar and she bit me.  It is fine now but it scared me.  I was so use to you and Bailey getting a long great.  I could feed you two right next to each other and not worry about anything.  Since Buddy was outside most of his life I am sure he wasn't sure when he would get food.  I am just guessing but that could be it.  I remember you would go up to Bailey, while she was eating, and bark at her until she finished her food.  You would then go to her bowl to see if there was anything left and then move on to your bowl.  I think that is the reason Bailey stopped eating when you passed away.  She didn't have you to pester her while she was eating.  She is eating now.  I think she is afraid Buddy is going to eat her food.  I won't let that happen.  Well, my sweet boy.... I can't believe it has been 22 mos.  So much has happened since then.  I miss you so much!

Here is a cute picture of Buddy.  He has captured my heart too.  I love him very much but the love I have for him is nothing like the love I had for you.  You were my heart dog!

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